Ricky has studied and researched the occult and has been able to prove some of the faults in the occult such as E.S.P. with cards. Some use this same effect to claim themselves to have supernatural powers.

The Christian should be made aware that to dabble in the occult is extremely dangerous!

Astrologists, numerologists, and the other seers are making millions of dollars playing the "game". For a handsome fee they will pilot your destiny or advise you on any matter.

Can a Christian be made subject to these occult powers? Some authorities believe they can! Dabbling in the occult and even reading books on the black arts can bring much distress. Anyone who wishes to learn should consult only books written by fundamental Bible scholars for their information.

Christian should take serious the warnings in the Scripture. People who dabble in the black arts are "abominations" to the Lord (cf Deut 18:10-12 and Lev. 19:31). Beware the "innocent games" of the world; for to experiment with the occult is to invite disaster and the wrath of God!